About Protecto


Sports is our passion. Protecto was founded from this passion too, by combining sports and entrepreneurship. That is just what we love doing.

Our mission is to improve the athlete's performance. Making life easier, so athletes only need to purely focus on what they love to do most, having fun. Annoying factors, like cold toes, are taken away by our products.

Who are we

Protecto is a company founded by and for athletes. Our passions are sports and entrepreneurship. By combining these two, and our own practical experience, we developed our products. As being an athlete ourselves, we know how important gear is and what the impact can be on performance.

On the photo right is Erik Brandsma, triathlete, cyclist and founder of Protecto.


The products from Protecto offer protection for athletes. Our Toe Covers keep your feet warm and dry during triathlon events, mountainbiking or cycling in the countryside with your friends.

Especially in the spring and autumn, when the temperature is too high for full overshoes, Toe Covers are perfect to use. They are easy to put on and off and you can even put them over your overshoes during extreme cold days.


An important partner of Protecto Toe Covers is Triathlon Laces (TriathlonLaces.co.uk). A specialist in triathlon laces. It is for all triathletes who want to have a fast transition from the bike to the run. Go fast or go home!

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